Meet The Trilogy!

Dr. Terrence Fong began the trilogy when he completed his orthodontic residency over 25 years ago. Much like the first part in any classic trilogy, his story was very well received and it inspired 2 sequels! Dr. Courtney Fong & Dr. Garrett Fong both followed in their father's footsteps. Dr. Terrence Fong has enjoyed having his son join him in practice full time, where they work side by side on a daily basis. It is an excellent blend of timeless experience and current orthodontic technology. Dr. Courtney Fong maintains a full time practice in New York, but is actively involved in various aspects of Trilogy Orthodontics.

“Trilogy,” derived from the Greek words, "tri-" and "-logos", means the combination of 3 interrelated stories. As a family of 3 orthodontists, this name was chosen to reflect the union of their 3 "stories". As separate individuals with unique strengths, they are able to share experiences, techniques and expertise in a way that is the most beneficial for treating patients and advancing the field of orthodontics.