Meet Our Staff

Linda (Office Manager)
Linda has been with our practice for over 10 years and is dedicated to making you feel welcome when you come into our office. Linda has devoted over 20 years to the field of orthodontics and she will be happy to answer any questions you may have and guide you through the steps you will take on your way to an excellent smile. Linda has been married to her husband Robert for 31 years, and their daughter Katelyn is currently earning her college degree. In her spare time, Linda enjoys gardening and tracing through her family tree.

Kylene (Orthodontic Assistant)

Kylene began her orthodontic assisting career over 10 years ago with Dr. Fong. You will find Kylene assisting Dr. Fong chairside during your appointment. Make sure to let her know if you have any questions or if there is anything we can do to make your treatment a more pleasant experience! In Kylene's spare time, she loves to shop, cook, and spend time with her family (husband - Tim; 2 sons - Ethan, Jayden; and her beautiful baby girl Kalissa.

Jasmine (Administrative/Clinical Assistant)
Jasmine started with Dr. Fong in early 2016 and has already been a tremendous help to our team. You will find her either at the front desk helping make appointments for patients, or in the back setting up chairs for orthodontic procedures. "I like working in orthodontics because it has shown me how teeth can play such an important role in someone's life. I love seeing the beautiful transformation in each patient's smile. I particularly like working here at Trilogy Orthodontics because of the people (awesome doctors and co-workers, and nice patients) and the friendly environment. The kindness of everyone here has made me feel like a welcome part of the team since my very first day!." In her spare time, Jasmine is a volleyball nut! She started playing in high school and has played ever since! Besides volleyball, she loves eating all different kinds of food and her favorite snack is extra spicy Hot Cheetos!

Kellie (Public Relations/Clinical Assistant)

Kellie joined our office this past year after graduating with a Communications major from Cal State LA. She didn't waste any time putting those skills to use, and has been a key part of our social media pages and holiday contests. You will find Kellie's smiling face at the front desk and cheerful voice over the telephone, ready to help you with whatever patient needs you may have. "I love working here because the office has such a positive and welcoming environment. The doctors and staff treat everyone like family. Outside of the office, I love hanging out with my little pup, Charlie. He's a 6 year-old maltipoo with the cutest underbite I've ever seen. When not hanging out with Charlie, I'm usually running around LA discovering new hangout spots or trying new foods. I love stumbling upon new boba places- I love boba!"

Donna Fong (Office Coordinator)
You may not see Donna very often during normal business hours, but her presence can always be felt in every corner of the office. Whenever someone compliments the office on having a pleasant and homey feel, the credit always goes to doctor's wife Donna for her beautiful decorating that matches the changing seasons and holidays. Her love and dedication to providing this warm environment is appreciated by staff and patients alike. Donna has been with the office since it opened over 25 years ago!

Yuki (Certified Therapy Dog)

Yuki is one of those special types of dogs with a unique energy that can uplift the spirits of anyone around her. She's been described as having a "white energy" that is clean and pure like the snow. Interestingly the name "Yuki" comes from the Japanese words for happiness() and snow(雪). If you get a chance to meet her, she is extremely friendly and never bites. However, before you pet her, you want to make sure to first extend your hand gently in front of her nose to let her smell you and make your acquaintance. After that she has been known to lick your hand to show her friendship and you can feel free to pet her on the head or enjoy rubbing her soft coat.